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Our design team are constantly developing and sourcing new products to bring you an edit of homewares not commonly found on the high street. Take advantage of our amazing little black book of brands, makers, artists and craftspeople honed over decades in design. Here is some of the latest treasure.


Lamp Natural Rope
Code:: LT047-CH1
Lamp Bali
Code:: LT048-CH1
Lamp Trophy
Code:: LT049-CH1
Lamp Amphora
Code:: LT050-CH1
Black Bamboo Plant
Code:: FP042-CH1
Tarabel Hanging Lantern
Code:: LC034-GI1
White Bouquet
Code:: FP040-GI1
Large Dark Pink Ranunculus
Code:: FP039-GI1
Large Variegated Pink Ranunculus
Code:: FP038-GI1
White Lilac
Code:: FP037-GI1
Purple Lilac
Code:: FP036-GI1
Small Olive Tree
Code:: DP020-GI1
Chinese Money Plant
Code:: DP021-GI1
Pale Lavender Hydrangea
Code:: FP035-CH1
Red Amaryllis - Giant
Code:: FP034-CH1
Lotus Table Lamp
Code:: LT045-GI1
Souk Baskets - Set Of Four
Code:: DB022-GI1
Cove Baskets - Set of Three
Code:: DB020-GI1
Beijing Basket with Lid
Code:: DB021-CH 1
Basket Chalk Large
Code:: DB018-CH 1
Basket Chalk Small
Code:: DB019-CH1
Zemmour Triple Hanging Baskets
Code:: DP014-CH1
Candle Holder Jasmin
Code:: DTL030-CH1
Candle Holder Sunset
Code:: DTL029-CH1
Candle Holder Noga
Code:: DTL027-CH1
Candle Holder Colonna - Large
Code:: DTL023-GI1
Candle Holder Colonna - Small
Code:: DTL024-GI1
Chair Kaguri
Code:: OC040-AA1
Antique Jimma Chair
Code:: OC039-CQ1
Clovelly Moody Blue
Code:: OC038-AA1
Clovelly Chair Safari
Code:: OC041-AA1
Antique Chinese Elm Chair
Code:: OC036-AA1
Derb Cushion Pink
Code:: CU110-AA1
Derb Cushion Natural
Code:: CU111-AA1
Derb Cushion Burnt Terracotta
Code:: CU112-AA1
Derb Cushion Sage
Code:: CU113-AA1
Cushion Citron
Code:: CU108-AA1
Cushion Cactus
Code:: CU109-AA1
Moody Blue Cushion
Code:: CU107-AA1
Day Tiger Cushion
Code:: CU104-AA1
Night Tiger Cushion
Code:: CU105-AA1
Lantern Cushion
Code:: CU106-AA1
Teatime Red Coral Cushion
Code:: CU103-AA1
Lagoon Throw
Code:: TH015-AA1
Robartes Throw
Code:: TH016-AA1
Derb Throw Pink
Code:: TH019-AA1
Derb Throw Burnt Terracotta
Code:: TH020-AA1