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Vases, candle holders, dinner candles, tealights, trinket trays, vases and delightful pots. We enjoy providing excellent customer service so please get in touch if you have any questions.


Rustic Mirror Rockaway - Large
Code: MI003-LL 1
Rustic Mirror Rockaway - Small
Code: MI002-LL1
Ceramic Stool Harbin
Code: DS001-AB1
Pair of Benin Bronze Heads
Code: AALMS5191
Vintage Lassi Cup
Code: DC001-AT1
Hanging Flower Chandelier
Code: DC001-AA1
Lamp Hempstead
Code: LT058-LL1
Antique Wine Vessel
Code: DP018-YA1
Pot Zemrane
Code: DP019-GI1
Pot Tofu
Code: DP017-YA1
Vase Chardin
Code: DV040-AB1
Vase Sasa in Natural - Small
Code: DV038-AA1
Vase Sasa in Green - Medium
Code: DV037-AB1
Vase Sasa in Green - Tall
Code: DV036-AB1
Rustic Pot Toledo - Large
Code: DP010-GI1
Rustic Pot Toledo – Medium
Code: DP009-GI1
Small Rustic Rose Pot
Code: DP008-GI1
Vase Fenton Tall
Code: DV030-GI1
Parigi Vase
Code: DV042-AB1
Vase Heliconia - Puerto Rico
Code: DV018-FH1
Vase Fenton Small
Code: DV006-GI 1
Vase Fenton Large
Code: DV028-GI1
Vase Findon
Code: DV004-EZ1
Vase Lavington
Code: DV005-EZ1
Vase Poli
Code: DV011-GI1
Vase Martil
Code: DV015-GI1
Planter Settat
Code: DP003-GI 1
Pot Nador Large
Code: DP002-GI1
Pot Nador Small
Code: DP001-GI 1
Vase Malta
Code: DV009-LL1
Vase Pinto Green
Code: DV012-EZ1
Vase Pinto Yellow
Code: DV013-EZ1
Vase Trinci
Code: DV010-EZ1
Azulejo Book Box
Code: FC010-AB1
Tealight Anemone Low
Code: DTL041-LL1
Tealight Anemone Tall
Code: DTL040-LL1
Tealight Peridot - Large
Code: DTL037-LL1
Tealight Peridot - Small
Code: DTL038-LL1
Hurricane Zitoune
Code: DTL033-AB1
Hurricane Malika
Code: DTL034-AB1
Bryant Candle Holder
Code: FC003-PA1
Candle Holder Tripoli
Code: DTL026-AB1
Candle Holder Colonna - Large
Code: DTL023-GI1
Candle Holder Colonna - Small
Code: DTL024-GI1
Elephant Brass Hurricane
Code: DTL015-EZ1
Tealight Elton Burgundy
Code: DTL003-LL1
Hurricane Taverna
Code: DTL008-LL1
Vintage Chinese Tea Bowls
Code: DD001-AT1