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Vases, coasters, candle holders, decorative baskets, umbrella stands, trays, glassware, tableware and delightful pots.


Peacock Garden Tray
Code:: DT018-LA1
Tray Alderley
Code:: DT012-CH1
Tray Isola
Code:: DT014-CH1
Tray Leopard
Code:: DT015-CH1
Tray Lorenzo
Code:: DT017-CH1
Tray Popolo
Code:: DT013-CH1
Tray Pretorio - Set of Two
Code:: DT006-CH1
Tray Yasmine
Code:: DT016-CH1
Sweet Dreams Tray
Code:: DT007-LA1
Monkey Garden Tray
Code:: DT008-LA1
Mystical Garden Tray
Code:: DT011-LA1
Tray Burton
Code:: DT001-LL1
Tray Idriss
Code:: DT003-GI1
Pair of Prosecco Glasses
Code:: PG001-GI1
Ceramic Stool Harbin
Code:: DS001-CH1
Basket Hitam Small
Code:: DB012-CH1
Basket Hitam Large
Code:: DB013-CH1
Basket Ksar Small
Code:: DB010-CH1
Basket Ksar Large
Code:: DB011-CH1
Trunk Broxton
Code:: DB001-GI1
Laundry Basket Lawton
Code:: DB002-GI1
Umbrella Stand Arley
Code:: DU001-GI1
Baskets Safi
Code:: DB003-GI 1
Ghanian Basket Sarbah
Code:: DB005-AT 1
Ghanian Basket Ussher
Code:: DB004-AT1
Ghanian Basket Yasmine
Code:: DB007-AT1
Recycled Wood Bread Board
Code:: CB001-CH1
Vintage Lassi Cup
Code:: DC001-AT1
Hanging Flower Chandelier
Code:: DC001-GI1
Rustic Pot Toledo - Large
Code:: DP010-GI1
Rustic Pot Toledo – Medium
Code:: DP009-GI1
Small Rustic Rose Pot
Code:: DP008-GI1
Vase Fawley
Code:: DV035-GI1
Indigo Elephant Vase
Code:: DV034-GI1
Vase Cooper
Code:: DV032-CH1
Vase Murray
Code:: DV033-CH1
Vase Diamond
Code:: DV031-GI1
Vase Fenton Tall
Code:: DV030-GI1
Vase Miro
Code:: DV029-GI1
Large Glazed Rustic Pot in Charcoal
Code:: DP007-GI1
Glazed Rustic Pot in Green
Code:: DP006-GI1
Glazed Rustic Pot in Charcoal
Code:: DP005-GI1
Vase Serghini
Code:: DV025-GI1
Vase Apsley
Code:: DV027-GI1
Vase Elia Large
Code:: DV021-EZ1
Vase Elia Medium
Code:: DV022-EZ1
Vase Heliconia - Ecuador
Code:: DV019-FH1
Vase Heliconia - Puerto Rico
Code:: DV018-FH1