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Vases, coasters, candle holders, decorative baskets, umbrella stands, trays, glassware, tableware and delightful pots. We enjoy providing excellent customer service so please get in touch if you have any questions.


Tray Giraffe
Code:: DT019-CH1
Peacock Garden Tray
Code:: DT018-LA1
Tray Alderley
Code:: DT012-CH1
Tray Isola
Code:: DT014-CH1
Tray Leopard
Code:: DT015-CH1
Tray Lorenzo
Code:: DT017-CH1
Tray Popolo
Code:: DT013-CH1
Tray Pretorio - Set of Two
Code:: DT006-CH1
Tray Yasmine
Code:: DT016-CH1
Sweet Dreams Tray
Code:: DT007-LA1
Monkey Garden Tray
Code:: DT008-LA1
Mystical Garden Tray
Code:: DT011-LA1
Tray Burton
Code:: DT001-LL1
Tray Idriss
Code:: DT003-GI1
Pair of Prosecco Glasses
Code:: PG001-GI1
Ceramic Stool Harbin
Code:: DS001-CH1
Basket Harley
Code:: DB015-GI1
Basket Hitam Small
Code:: DB012-CH1
Basket Hitam Large
Code:: DB013-CH1
Basket Ksar Small
Code:: DB010-CH1
Basket Ksar Large
Code:: DB011-CH1
Trunk Broxton
Code:: DB001-GI1
Laundry Basket Lawton
Code:: DB002-GI1
Umbrella Stand Arley
Code:: DU001-GI1
Basket Telouet - Set of Two
Code:: DB016-CH1
Baskets Safi - Set of Three
Code:: DB003-GI 1
Ghanian Basket Sarbah
Code:: DB005-AT 1
Ghanian Basket Ussher
Code:: DB004-AT1
Ghanian Basket Yasmine
Code:: DB007-AT1
Recycled Wood Bread Board
Code:: CB001-CH1
Vintage Lassi Cup
Code:: DC001-AT1
Hanging Flower Chandelier
Code:: DC001-GI1
Vase Chardin
Code:: DV040-CH1
Vase Zagora
Code:: DV039-GI1
Vase Dario
Code:: DV024-CH1
Vase Lana
Code:: DV026-CH1
Vase Sasa in Natural - Small
Code:: DV038-CH1
Vase Sasa in Green - Medium
Code:: DV037-CH1
Vase Sasa in Green - Tall
Code:: DV036-CH1
Rustic Pot Toledo - Large
Code:: DP010-GI1
Rustic Pot Toledo – Medium
Code:: DP009-GI1
Small Rustic Rose Pot
Code:: DP008-GI1
Vase Fawley
Code:: DV035-GI1
Indigo Elephant Vase
Code:: DV034-GI1
Vase Cooper
Code:: DV032-CH1
Vase Murray
Code:: DV033-CH1
Vase Fenton Tall
Code:: DV030-GI1
Vase Miro
Code:: DV029-GI1