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Elegant and striking chandeliers, sculptural ceiling lights and exquisite table lamps. Ambient and moody, bright and purposeful, lighting can make or break a design scheme. Careful consideration combined with taking a more adventurous approach can yield some great results. If you want to chat through your requirements with one of the design team do get in touch.

“Just a courtesy email to let you know the lamps and coasters arrived safe and well yesterday. They are beautiful and looking forward to seeing them in situ when we have finished decorating!” – LB Lancashire

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Chandelier Famaro
Code: CH012-EZ1
Chandelier Hunston
Code: CH001-AB1
save 25%
Chandelier Parlington
Code: CH002-AB1
Chandelier Medici
Code: CH004-EZ1
Chandelier Vedove
Code: CH005-EZ 1
Chandelier Massimi
Code: CH006-EZ1
Chandelier Park
Code: CH003-EZ1
Light Bambu
Code: LC019-AB1
Light Blanco
Code: LC027-LL1
save 20%
Light Griffis
Code: LC026-LL1
save 20%
Light Honey - Medium
Code: LC024-LL1
save 34%
Light Lina - Black
Code: LC032-LL1
save 25%
Light Tognetti
Code: LC022-AB1
save 25%
Light Verde
Code: LC023-LL1
save 20%
Light Concha
Code: LC018-EZ1
Light Himley
Code: LC003-EZ 1
Light Turnhurst
Code: LC001-EZ1
Light Aman
Code: LC015-LL 1
save 25%
Light Mamounia
Code: LC011-EZ1
save 20%
Light Meknes
Code: LC012-LL1
save 25%
Light Taza
Code: LC016-LL1
save 15%
Light Klein
Code: LC005-LL1
save 24%
Light Langella
Code: LC009-LL1
save 25%
Light Min
Code: LC006-LL 1
save 25%
Light Niro
Code: LC008-LL1
save 25%
Lamp Leggero
Code: LT055-LL1
Lamp Tarabel
Code: LT057-LL1
Lamp Sceptre
Code: LT051-AB1
Lamp Trophy
Code: LT049-AB1
Lamp Natural Rope
Code: LT047-AB1
Lamp Bali
Code: LT048-AB1
Lotus Table Lamp
Code: LT045-GI1
Lamp Imperiale
Code: LT060-AB1
Lamp Doge
Code: LT053-EZ1
Lamp Cassatt
Code: LT031-GI1
Lamp Halton
Code: LT028-AB1
Lamp Kawa
Code: LT044-AB1
Lamp Navagio
Code: LT022-AB1
Lamp Hempstead
Code: LT058-LL1
Lamp Grau du Roi
Code: LT024-EZ1
Lamp Tresco
Code: LT023-AB1
Table Lamp Chiddingstone
Code: LT061-AB1
Lamp Hartwell
Code: LT015-AB1
Lamp Wotton
Code: LF002-AB1
Lantern Argana
Code: LT013-LL1
save 24%
Lamp Jebel
Code: LT014-GI1
Lamp Jali
Code: LT033-AB1