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Sumptuous velvet, textured bouclé, timeless leather, fabulous weaves and woven rattan. Our sofas and chairs collection provides endless design opportunities to suit all styles and budgets. Take a seat and have a browse. We enjoy providing excellent customer service so please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements.


Sofa Paloma
Code:: SOFA022-EZ1
Antique Edwardian Sofa
Code:: SOFA011-AT1
Antique French Salon Sofa
Code:: SOFA006-AT1
Sofa Boughton
Code:: SOFA003-CH1
Sofa Caddington
Code:: SOFA001-CH1
Sofa Elstow
Code:: SOFA007-EZ1
Sofa Henbury
Code:: SOFA004-CH1
Sofa Pavenham
Code:: SOFA002-CH1
Sofa Belmont
Code:: SOFA019-EH1
Sofa Chessington
Code:: SOFA018-EH1
Sofa Atlas with Chaise
Code:: SOFA013-EZ1
Sofa Atlas
Code:: SOFA014-EZ1
Sofa Almoravid
Code:: SOFA017-EH1
Sofa Ferrara
Code:: SOFA010-EZ1
Sofa Loffredo
Code:: SOFA012-CH1
Sofa Foscari
Code:: SOFA016-EZ1
Sofa Florence
Code:: SOFA020-EH1
Sofa Brooklyn
Code:: SOFA008-CH 1
Sofa Manhattan
Code:: SOFA009-CH1
Sofa Hammond
Code:: SOFA021-EH1
Adira Echo Bench
Code:: BN004-AA1
Olivia Echo Bench
Code:: BN005-AA1
Layla Echo Bench
Code:: BN006-AA1
Antonella Echo Bench
Code:: BN007-AA1
Antonio Echo Bench
Code:: BN008-AA1
Bench Seat Olive
Code:: BN002-CE1
Antique Chinese Elm Chair
Code:: OC036-AA1
Clovelly Chair Safari
Code:: OC041-AA1
Chair Kaguri
Code:: OC040-AA1
Clovelly Moody Blue
Code:: OC038-AA1
Antique Jimma Chair
Code:: OC039-CQ1
Chair Oxley
Code:: OC035-CH1
Chair Vicentini
Code:: OC033-CH1
Cowhide Rocket Chair
Code:: OC028-CH1
Butterfly Chair
Code:: OC029-CH1
Chair Donostia
Code:: OC025-EZ1
Chair Paloma
Code:: OC023-EZ1
Chair Trentino
Code:: OC026-EZ1
Chair Varenna
Code:: OC024-EZ1
Chair Costessey
Code:: OC001-CH 1
Chair Welbeck
Code:: OC005-CH1
Clovelly Chair in Pardus Velvet
Code:: OC030-AA1
Clovelly Chair in Nina Campbell
Code:: OC021-NC1
Clovelly Chair in Palazzo Red Velvet
Code:: OC031-AA1
Chair Hassan
Code:: OC018-LL1
Chair Manila
Code:: OC020-CH1
Chair Sahara
Code:: OC017-EZ 1