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Plates, bowls, tea and coffee cups, coasters, placemats, serving boards and glassware. An ever increasing range to help you make beautiful tablescapes.


Loubet Extra Large Bowl
Code:: BW010-GI1
Loubet Large Bowl
Code:: BW004-GI1
Loubet Medium Bowl
Code:: BW009-GI1
Loubet Mini Bowl
Code:: BW006-GI1
Loubet Plate
Code:: PL003-GI1
Loubet Rice Bowl
Code:: BW005-GI1
Loubet Small Bowl
Code:: BW008-GI1
Vence Large Bowl
Code:: BW001-GI1
Vence Medium Bowl
Code:: BW002-GI1
Vence Plate
Code:: PL005-GI1
Vence Rice Bowl
Code:: BW003-GI1
Vence Small Bowl
Code:: BW007-GI1
Colmar Side Plate
Code:: PL004-CH1
Hobnail Glass Jug Sea Green
Code:: JG001-CE1
Hobnail Glass Jug Cobalt
Code:: JG002-CE1
Pair of Prosecco Glasses
Code:: PG001-GI1
Coaster Alta - Set of Four
Code:: CO001-CH1
Coaster Castello - Set of Four
Code:: CO003-CH1
Coaster Lovina - Set of Six
Code:: CO005-CH1
Coaster Marina – Set of Four
Code:: CO002-CH1
Coaster Monkeys - Set of Four
Code:: CO004-CH1
Recycled Wooden Bread Board - Round
Code:: CB002-CH1
Seagrass Placemats Light – Set of Four
Code:: PM001-CH1
Recycled Wooden Bread Board - Rectangle
Code:: CB001-CH1
The Gardener’s Serving Board
Code:: CB003-CH1