Gift Boxes


Eclectic and comfortable, whether a modest or magnificent piece there are certain qualities which underpin our Heritage Collection. A whisper of luxury, a nod to the eccentric and creative British taste and a taste for travel. Old meets new with flair and the artfully thrown together look appears effortless.


Odalisque Tatoo Tray
Code: DT010-LA1
Prince of Bohemia Tray
Code: DT009-LA1
Antique Edwardian Sofa
Code: SOFA011-AT1
Antique French Salon Sofa
Code: SOFA006-AT1
Sofa Boughton
Code: SOFA003-AB1
Sofa Chessington
Code: SOFA018-EZ1
Olivia Echo Bench
Code: BN005-AA1
Chair Costessey
Code: OC001-AB1
Clovelly Chair in Nina Campbell
Code: OC021-NC1
Antique Cross-Frame Stool
Code: ST002-AT1
Ottoman Gidleigh Deep Buttoned Top
Code: OT006-NK14
Antique Chinese Cabinet – Black
Code: FC017-YA1
Antique Chinese Cabinet – Red
Code: FC015-YA1
Antique Chinese Cabinet – Green
Code: FC016-YA1
Coffee Table Rycote
Code: TC001-AB1
Side Table Rycote
Code: TS001-AB1
Trolley Oakmere
Code: TR004-EH 1
Light Turnhurst
Code: LC001-EZ1
Lamp Sceptre
Code: LT051-AB1
Lamp Trophy
Code: LT049-AB1
Lamp Hartwell
Code: LT015-AB1
Lamp Stretton
Code: LT003-AB1
Lantern Cushion
Code: CU106-AA1
Night Tiger Cushion
Code: CU105-AA1
Day Tiger Cushion
Code: CU104-AA1
Cushion Bloom
Code: CU081-DG1
Cushion Hadleigh
Code: CU079-AB1
Olivia Velvet Cushion
Code: CU058-AA1
Olivia Peru Cushion
Code: CU059-AA1
Cushion Sweet Dreams 60 x 60
Code: CU041-LA1
Cushion Flower Leopard 40 x 40
Code: CU035-LA1
Cushion Tiger Monkey 40 x 65
Code: CU050-LA1
Cushion Peacock Garden 40 x 40
Code: CU039-LA1
French Salon Cushion
Code: CU007-NC1
Pahari Rosewood Throw
Code: TH022-DG1
Forest Cashmere Throw
Code: TH032-AA1
Robartes Throw
Code: TH016-AA1
Olivia Reversible Throw
Code: TH006-AA1
Arklet Loganberry Throw
Code: TH021-DG1
Basket Harold
Code: DB023-AB1
Trunk Broxton
Code: DB001-GI1
Basket Harley
Code: DB015-GI1
Recycled Wooden Bread Board - Rectangle
Code: CB001-AB1
Hanging Flower Chandelier
Code: DC001-AA1
Small Rustic Rose Pot
Code: DP008-GI1
Vase Fenton Tall
Code: DV030-GI1
Vase Fenton Small
Code: DV006-GI 1