Gift Boxes


Eclectic and comfortable, whether a modest or magnificent piece there are certain qualities which underpin our Heritage Collection. A whisper of luxury, a nod to the eccentric and creative British taste and a taste for travel. Old meets new with flair and the artfully thrown together look appears effortless.


Eucalyptus Plant
Code: FP022-AB1
Fabulous Fern Plant
Code: FP027-AB1
White Hortensia
Code: FP009-GI1
Dark Pink Orchid
Code: FP012-GI 1
White Peach Rose Stem
Code: FP068-PA1
Peach Rose Stem
Code: FP069-PA1
Soft Pink Rose Spray
Code: FF025-AB1
Iris Spray in Yellow and Burgundy
Code: FF023-AB1
Protea Stem
Code: FP054-PA1
Fresh Green and Pink Ranunculus Stem
Code: FF032-AB1
Large Dark Pink Ranunculus
Code: FP039-GI1
Large Variegated Pink Ranunculus
Code: FP038-GI1
Golden Brown Hydrangea Stem
Code: FP062-PA1
Blush Damson Hydrangea Stem
Code: FP063-PA1
Monstera Leaves
Code: FP049-GI1
Tête-à-tête Table Runner Antigua
Code: TW002-CC1
Palm Chintz Night Tablecloth
Code: TW011-LW1
Palm Chintz Day Tablecloth
Code: TW010-LW1
Castelbel Olive Leaf & Green Tea Soap
Code: CS008-CB1
Nobilis Poudre D'iris Candle
Code: HF004-NB1
Rug Missenden
Code: RG001-AB1
Trinket Tray Hinton
Code: DTT009-GI1
St Eval Thyme & Mint Tealights
Code: HF041-SE1
St Eval Bergamot & Nettle Tealights
Code: HF028-SE1
St Eval Oak Scented Pillar Candle
Code: HF0032-SE1
Tealight Elton Burgundy
Code: DTL003-LL1
Monkey Garden Tray
Code: DT008-LA1
Sweet Dreams Tray
Code: DT007-LA1
Tray Alderley
Code: DT012-AB1
Peacock Garden Tray
Code: DT018-LA1
Vase Poli
Code: DV011-GI1
Vase Lavington
Code: DV005-EZ1
Vase Findon
Code: DV004-EZ1
Vase Fenton Large
Code: DV028-GI1
Vase Fenton Small
Code: DV006-GI 1
Vase Fenton Tall
Code: DV030-GI1
Small Rustic Rose Pot
Code: DP008-GI1