Gift Boxes


We are pleased to offer you a Go Bespoke option on an ever increasing number of our furnishings. If you would like to discuss having any of these items produced in a different size / shape / colour / fabric have a chat with one of our design team.



Cubist Kuba Wall Hanging
Code: WH001-PF1
Adira Echo Bench
Code: BN004-AA1
Olivia Echo Bench
Code: BN005-AA1
Clovelly Chair in Nina Campbell
Code: OC021-NC1
Ottoman Gidleigh Deep Buttoned Top
Code: OT006-NK14
Layla Echo Bench
Code: BN006-AA1
Clovelly Chair Safari
Code: OC041-AA1
Clovelly Chair in Pardus Velvet
Code: OC030-AA1
Antonella Echo Bench
Code: BN007-AA1
Chair Kaguri
Code: OC040-AA1
Clovelly Chair in Palazzo Red Velvet
Code: OC031-AA1
Ottoman Gidleigh Plain Top
Code: OT001-NK1
Antonio Echo Bench
Code: BN008-AA1
Clovelly Moody Blue
Code: OC038-AA1
Poseidon Cushion
Code: CU122-PF1
Adira Cushion
Code: CU057-AA1
Lantern Cushion
Code: CU106-AA1
Night Tiger Cushion
Code: CU105-AA1
Day Tiger Cushion
Code: CU104-AA1
Olivia Velvet Cushion
Code: CU058-AA1
Olivia Peru Cushion
Code: CU059-AA1
French Salon Cushion
Code: CU007-NC1
Derb Cushion Pink
Code: CU110-AA1
Derb Cushion Natural
Code: CU111-AA1
Derb Cushion Burnt Terracotta
Code: CU112-AA1
Derb Cushion Sage
Code: CU113-AA1
Layla Ikat Cushion
Code: CU060-AA1
Layla Shearling Cushion
Code: CU061-AA1
Cushion Citron
Code: CU108-AA1
Cushion Cactus
Code: CU109-AA1
Moody Blue Cushion
Code: CU107-AA1
Antonio Cushion
Code: CU064-AA1
Antonio Multi Cushion
Code: CU065-AA1
Lagoon Throw
Code: TH015-AA1
Adira Reversible Throw
Code: TH005-AA1
Robartes Throw
Code: TH016-AA1
Olivia Reversible Throw
Code: TH006-AA1
Derb Throw Pink
Code: TH019-AA1
Derb Throw Burnt Terracotta
Code: TH020-AA1
Layla Reversible Throw
Code: TH007-AA1
Throw Citron
Code: TH017-AA1
Throw Cactus
Code: TH018-AA1
Antonella Reversible Throw
Code: TH008-AA1
Antonio Reversible Throw
Code: TH009-AA1
Deya Tablecloth Persian Blue
Code: TW012-MW1
Deya Tablecloth Plum & Mint
Code: TW015-MW1
Deya Tablecloth Pale Sand & Grass
Code: TW016-MW1
Palm Chintz Day Tablecloth
Code: TW010-LW1