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We are launching our tablecloth offering with a collection of tablecloths and table runners. Tête-à-tête Table Runners work beautifully at breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails and dinner, providing great backdrops for creative tablescapes. You can scale them up along a table to cater for a larger number of people and always have an element of your table on show, or layer onto a plain tablecloth. These super runners are easy to launder and look just as lovely when used alfresco as they do indoors. We enjoy providing excellent customer service so please get in touch if you have any questions.


Tablecloth Medina
Code: TW014-GI1
Napkin Medina
Code: TN001-GI1
Deya Tablecloth Persian Blue
Code: TW012-MW1
Deya Tablecloth Plum & Mint
Code: TW015-MW1
Deya Tablecloth Pale Sand & Grass
Code: TW016-MW1
Palm Chintz Day Tablecloth
Code: TW010-LW1
Palm Chintz Night Tablecloth
Code: TW011-LW1
Tête-à-tête Table Runner Antigua
Code: TW002-CC1
Tête-à-tête Table Runner Blue Parrot
Code: TW004-CC1
Tête-à-tête Table Runner Chevron
Code: TW006-CC1
Tête-à-tête Table Runner Marrakech
Code: TW003-CC1
Tête-à-tête Table Runner Wild Poppy
Code: TW007-CC1