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Soft furnishings, decorative accessories, mirrors, rugs and the all-important home fragrance. Here we offer you an essential and varied selection to achieve the right finishing touches to your design scheme. We enjoy providing excellent customer service so please get in touch if you have any questions.

“I just received my Lacroix pillow. Thank you so much!  I LOVE it!!” – NB San Antonio Texas

Cushions & Throws
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Home Fragrance
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Serving Trays
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Kitchen Textiles
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Bath Mats
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The Flower Room
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Day Tiger Cushion
Code: CU104-AA1
Night Tiger Cushion
Code: CU105-AA1
Lantern Cushion
Code: CU106-AA1
Poseidon Cushion
Code: CU122-PF1
Derb Cushion Pink
Code: CU110-AA1
Derb Cushion Natural
Code: CU111-AA1
Derb Cushion Burnt Terracotta
Code: CU112-AA1
Derb Cushion Sage
Code: CU113-AA1
Cushion Citron
Code: CU108-AA1
Cushion Cactus
Code: CU109-AA1
Moody Blue Cushion
Code: CU107-AA1
Kasavu Natural Cushion
Code: CU121-DG1
Tanjore Berry Cushion
Code: CU114-DG1
Valetta Peacock Cushion
Code: CU117-DG1
Cushion Mandala
Code: CU123-AB1
Christian Lacroix Dame Nature Pretemps
Code: CU095-DG1
Cushion Hadleigh
Code: CU079-AB1
Cushion Parlor
Code: CU069-AB1
Pineapple Cushion 40 x 40
Code: CU067-AA1
Adira Cushion
Code: CU057-AA1
Olivia Velvet Cushion
Code: CU058-AA1
Olivia Peru Cushion
Code: CU059-AA1
Layla Ikat Cushion
Code: CU060-AA1
Layla Shearling Cushion
Code: CU061-AA1
Antonio Cushion
Code: CU064-AA1
Antonio Multi Cushion
Code: CU065-AA1
Cushion Sweet Dreams 60 x 60
Code: CU041-LA1
Cushion Flower Leopard 40 x 40
Code: CU035-LA1
Cushion Tiger Monkey 40 x 65
Code: CU050-LA1
Cushion Peacock Garden 40 x 40
Code: CU039-LA1
Cushion Nadu
Code: CU091-CI1
Cushion Kikuo
Code: CU027-CI1
Cushion Oshima
Code: CU029-CI1
Cushion Java
Code: CU018-CI1
Cushion Kasuri
Code: CU020-CI1
Cushion Matmi
Code: CU019-CI1
French Salon Cushion
Code: CU007-NC1
Cushion Nubian
Code: CU004-AB1
Cushion Bloom
Code: CU081-DG1
Cushion Moreta with Marine Ruche
Code: CU083-RO1
Cushion Moreta with Twilight Ruche
Code: CU085-RO1
Cushion Scienze with Marine Ruche
Code: CU082-RO1
Cushion Turin with Marine Ruche
Code: CU084-RO 1
Throw Tazzarine
Code: TH023-AB1