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As a design studio with a multi-sensory approach to interiors, often including fragrance and the softness of candlelight as part of an interior scheme, we present for you here an exquisite home fragrance selection from around the world, including our own Artisans and Artists refillable scented candle. Evocative and alluring, rich and warm or fresh and cooling, scent plays an important part in creating a relaxed ambience. In our collection you will find some of the finest ingredients conjured into compelling fragrance by some truly creative perfumers. We have also just added fabulous handmade soaps from Portugal.



Castelbel Lavender & Chamomile Candle
Code: HF056-CB1
Castelbel Santal Tonka Diffuser 250ml
Code: HF050-CB1
Castelbel Santal Tonka Candle
Code: HF052-CB1
Castelbel Santal Tonka Tile Soap
Code: HF053-CB1
Castelbel Green Sencha Candle
Code: HF048-CB1
Castelbel Green Sencha Tile Soap
Code: HF049-CB1
Manuel Canovas Fleur de Figuier Candle
Code: HF058-MC1
Manuel Canovas Jardin Parisien Candle
Code: HF059-MC1
Artisans and Artists Candle LAIT DE FIG
Code: HF002-AA1
Artisans and Artists Candle LOUNGE
Code: HF001-AA1
Artisans and Artists Candle THÉ NOIR
Code: HF003-AA1
Candle Refill LAIT DE FIG
Code: RF002-AA1
Candle Refill LOUNGE
Code: RF001-AA1
Candle Refill THÉ NOIR
Code: RF003-AA1
Nobilis Bois Précieux Candle
Code: HF005-NB1
Nobilis Poudre D'iris Candle
Code: HF004-NB1
Nobilis Tubéreuse Imperiale Candle
Code: HF006-NB1
Acqua Diffuser by Dr Vranjes of Firenze
Code: HF015-DV1
Fuoco Diffuser by Dr Vranjes Firenze
Code: HF021-DV1
Terra Diffuser by Dr Vranjes Firenze
Code: HF023-DV1
St Eval Amber Scented Pillar Candle
Code: HF034-SE1
St Eval Moss Scented Pillar Candle
Code: HF033-SE1
St Eval Oak Scented Pillar Candle
Code: HF0032-SE1
St Eval Thyme & Mint Tealights
Code: HF041-SE1
St Eval Vintage Rose Tealights
Code: HF040-SE1