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A Moroccan Riad, a Chinese Siheyuan, a Mexican Hacienda, courtyard houses are found around the world. An historic and traditional style of architecture that affords great privacy and an ability to live in relaxed comfort. Discreet and unassuming from the exterior these intriguing structures can house a beautiful and varied range of interiors styles, often utilising the skill and craft of local artisans. Our Riad Collection offers a chic take on a boho vibe.


Sofa Atlas with Chaise
Code: SOFA013-EZ1
Sofa Almoravid
Code: SOFA017-EZ1
Layla Echo Bench
Code: BN006-AA1
Clovelly Chair Safari
Code: OC041-AA1
Butterfly Chair
Code: OC029-AB1
Chair Sahara
Code: OC017-EZ 1
Chair Hassan
Code: OC018-LL1
Clovelly Chair in Pardus Velvet
Code: OC030-AA1
Dining Chair Jazira
Code: DC011-CE1
Ottoman Darma
Code: OT011-AB1
Dining Table Tangier
Code: TD004-LL1
Coffee Table Bahir
Code: TC005-EZ 1
Coffee Table Jadida
Code: TC006-LL 1
Side Table Joya - Set of Two
Code: TS035-LL1
Side Tables Muralla – Set of Two
Code: TS022-CE1
Antique Syrian Two Tier Side Table
Code: TS007-AT1
Magazine Side Table Leo
Code: TB002-AB1
Trolley Baraka
Code: TR003-EH1
Light Aman
Code: LC015-LL 1
Light Bambu
Code: LC019-AB1
Light Blanco
Code: LC027-LL1
Light Honey - Medium
Code: LC024-LL1
Light Lina - Black
Code: LC032-LL1
Light Verde
Code: LC023-LL1
Light Mamounia
Code: LC011-EZ1
Light Meknes
Code: LC012-LL1
Light Taza
Code: LC016-LL1
Floor Lamp Sheikha
Code: LF005-AB1
Lamp Kawa
Code: LT044-AA1
Lamp Jebel
Code: LT014-GI1
Lamp Waltar
Code: LT005-AB1
Cubist Kuba Wall Hanging
Code: WH001-PF1
Derb Cushion Pink
Code: CU110-AA1
Derb Cushion Natural
Code: CU111-AA1
Derb Cushion Burnt Terracotta
Code: CU112-AA1
Derb Cushion Sage
Code: CU113-AA1
Cushion Mandala
Code: CU123-AB1
Kasavu Natural Cushion
Code: CU121-DG1
Tanjore Berry Cushion
Code: CU114-DG1
Cushion Parlor
Code: CU069-AB1
Pineapple Cushion 40 x 40
Code: CU067-AA1
Layla Ikat Cushion
Code: CU060-AA1
Layla Shearling Cushion
Code: CU061-AA1
Cushion Nadu
Code: CU091-CI1
Cushion Kikuo
Code: CU027-CI1
Cushion Oshima
Code: CU029-CI1
Cushion Java
Code: CU018-CI1
Cushion Kasuri
Code: CU020-CI1