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Table Lamps

The rich and varied styles of our table lamps gives you scope to play with artful lighting. If you want to chat through your requirements with one of the design team do get in touch.


Lamp Harrold
Code:: LT032-CH1
Lamp Cassatt
Code:: LT031-GI1
Lamp Foxhill
Code:: LT027-GI1
Lamp Halton
Code:: LT028-GI1
Lamp Newland
Code:: LT029-GI1
Lamp Wavendon
Code:: LT030-CH1
Lamp Kawa
Code:: LT044-CH1
Lamp Pregonda
Code:: LT026-CE1
Lamp Grau du Roi
Code:: LT024-EZ1
Lamp Navagio
Code:: LT022-CH1
Lamp Tresco
Code:: LT023-CH1
Lamp Sherman
Code:: LT041-CE1
save 20%
Lamp Constantine
Code:: LT001-CH1
Lamp Hartwell
Code:: LT015-CH1
save 20%
Lamp Newark
Code:: LT017-CH1
Lamp Wotton
Code:: LF002-CH1
Lamp Stourton
Code:: LT002-CH1
Lamp Stretton
Code:: LT003-CH1
Lantern Argana
Code:: LT013-LL1
save 20%
Lamp Jebel
Code:: LT014-GI1
Lamp Basan
Code:: LT011-CH 1
Lamp Cocos
Code:: LT010-EZ1
Lamp Como
Code:: LT008-CH 1
Lamp Giorgio
Code:: LT018-CH1
save 20%
Lamp Farsetti
Code:: LT021-CH1
save 20%
Lamp Reale
Code:: LT009-CH1
Lamp Hujar
Code:: LT004-CH1
Lamp Whitten
Code:: LT007-CH 1
Lamp Waltar
Code:: LT005-CH1