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Table Lamps

The rich and varied styles of our table lamps gives you scope to play with artful lighting.


Lamp Kawa
Code:: LT044-CH1
Lamp Pregonda
Code:: LT026-CE1
Lamp Lea
Code:: LT043-GI1
Lamp Grau du Roi
Code:: LT024-EZ1
Lamp Navagio
Code:: LT022-CH1
Lamp Tresco
Code:: LT023-CH1
Lamp Sherman
Code:: LT041-CE1
Lamp Constantine
Code:: LT001-CH1
Lamp Hartwell
Code:: LT015-CH1
Lamp Newark
Code:: LT017-CH1
Lamp Wotton
Code:: LF002-CH1
Lamp Stourton
Code:: LT002-CH1
Lamp Stretton
Code:: LT003-CH1
Lantern Argana
Code:: LT013-LL1
Lamp Jebel
Code:: LT014-GI1
Lamp Meki
Code:: LT020-CH 1
Lamp Melanitta
Code:: LT019-CH 1
Lamp Basan
Code:: LT011-CH 1
Lamp Borneo
Code:: LT012-CH1
Lamp Cocos
Code:: LT010-EZ1
Lamp Como
Code:: LT008-CH 1
Lamp Giorgio
Code:: LT018-CH1
Lamp Farsetti
Code:: LT021-CH1
Lamp Reale
Code:: LT009-CH1
Lamp Hujar
Code:: LT004-CH1
Lamp Krugar
Code:: LT006-GI1
Lamp Whitten
Code:: LT007-CH 1
Lamp Waltar
Code:: LT005-CH1