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The timeless appeal of a beautifully made leather armchair, a restrained colour palette leaves breathing space for some eye-catching artwork, a mix of materials such as metal, leather, marble and glass. A New York loft vibe with a nod to the glamour of the 70s, a masculine edge, an industrial twist, the Loft Collection.


Sofa Brooklyn
Code:: SOFA008-CH 1
Sofa Manhattan
Code:: SOFA009-CH1
Sofa Hammond
Code:: SOFA021-EH1
Antonio Echo Bench
Code:: BN008-AA1
Cowhide Rocket Chair
Code:: OC028-CH1
Chair and Stool Warhol
Code:: OC009-CH1
Chair Brando
Code:: OC010-CH1
Chair Brooklyn
Code:: OC008-CH1
Antique Elm Curved Top Stool - Large
Code:: ST004-AT1
Antique Elm Curved Top Stool - Medium
Code:: ST005-AT1
Antique Elm Stool
Code:: ST003-AT1
Antique Elm Stool - Small
Code:: ST006-AT1
Ottoman Hartigan
Code:: OT007-LL 1
Bench Rivers
Code:: BN001-LL1
Pouf Berrigan
Code:: PF001-LL1
Wall Cabinet Rockland
Code:: FC005-LL1
Cabinet Judd
Code:: FC014-CE1
Cabinet Judd Tall
Code:: FC013-CE1
Cabinet Franklin
Code:: FC003-GI1
Drawers Fontana
Code:: FC002-GI1
Cabinet Duchamp
Code:: FC004-LL1
Desk Fontana
Code:: FD001-GI1
Shelf Bronx
Code:: SH001-GI1
Dining Table Manet
Code:: TD007-CE1
Dining Table Pacino
Code:: TD002-EZ1
Chair Harlem
Code:: DC007-CH1
Coffee Table Ruffalo
Code:: TC003-LL1
Magazine Side Table Albany
Code:: TB001-CH1
Trolley Jackson
Code:: TR002-CH 1
Chandelier Park
Code:: CH003-EZ1
Light Coney
Code:: LC010-LL1
Light Kel
Code:: LC007-LL1
Light Klein
Code:: LC005-LL1
Light Langella
Code:: LC009-LL1
Light Min
Code:: LC006-LL 1
Light Niro
Code:: LC008-LL1
Lamp Sherman
Code:: LT041-CE1
Lamp Hujar
Code:: LT004-CH1
Lamp Krugar
Code:: LT006-GI1
Lamp Whitten
Code:: LT007-CH 1
Lamp Waltar
Code:: LT005-CH1
Hugo Floor Lamp with Side Table
Code:: LF008-CE1
Antonio Cushion
Code:: CU064-AA1
Antonio Multi Cushion
Code:: CU065-AA1
Antonio Reversible Throw
Code:: TH009-AA1
Faux Fur Throw Andes Nights
Code:: TH004-NB1
Vase Cooper
Code:: DV032-CH1
Vase Murray
Code:: DV033-CH1