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The timeless appeal of a beautifully made leather armchair, a restrained colour palette leaves breathing space for some eye-catching artwork, a mix of materials such as metal, leather, marble and glass. A New York loft vibe with a nod to the glamour of the 70s, a masculine edge, an industrial twist, the Loft Collection. SS21 sees the introduction of unique zen vibes to this collection with the use of tribal textiles and a moody blues palette.


Sofa Brooklyn
Code: SOFA008-AB1
Coffee Table Ruffalo
Code: TC003-LL1
save 30%
Bench Rivers
Code: BN001-LL1
save 30%
Antonio Echo Bench
Code: BN008-AA1
Recycled Wooden Bread Board - Round
Code: CB002-AB1
Chandelier Park
Code: CH003-EZ1
Castelbel Cocoa & Cedar Soap
Code: CS004-CB1
Antonio Cushion
Code: CU064-AA1
Antonio Multi Cushion
Code: CU065-AA1
Moody Blue Cushion
Code: CU107-AA1
Pot Tofu
Code: DP017-YA1
Chinese Money Plant
Code: DP021-GI1
Tray Lorenzo
Code: DT017-AB1
Zebra Print Trinket Tray
Code: DTT007-AB1
Vase Cooper
Code: DV032-AB1
Vase Chardin
Code: DV040-AB1
Moma Vase Green
Code: DV043-AB1
Moma Vase Coffee
Code: DV044-AB1
Cabinet Franklin
Code: FC003-GI1
save 11%
Bryant Candle Holder
Code: FC003-PA1
Flatiron Hanging Bud Vase - Small
Code: FC004-PA1
Wall Cabinet Rockland
Code: FC005-LL1
save 12%
Flatiron Hanging Bud Vase - Large
Code: FC005-PA1
The Dried Wheat Trio
Code: FF014-AB1
Willow Stem with Leaves
Code: FF030-AB1
Natural Lotus Stem
Code: FF033-AB1
Desert Rose
Code: FP001-GI1
Snake Plant
Code: FP005-GI1
The Reed Grass Bunch
Code: FP012-AB1
Onion Grass with Wheat Plant
Code: FP017-AB1
Onion Grass with Wheat Plant - Tall
Code: FP020-AB1
Frozen Eucalyptus Spray
Code: FP047-AB1
Hanging Fern Ball
Code: FP050-PA1
Flocked Green Leaf Bush Spray
Code: FP065-PA1
Artisans and Artists Candle LOUNGE
Code: HF001-AA1
Nobilis Bois Précieux Candle
Code: HF005-NB1
Matthew Williamson Candle Palm Springs
Code: HF009-MW1
save 40%
Fuoco Diffuser by Dr Vranjes Firenze
Code: HF021-DV1
save 29%
St Eval Moss Scented Pillar Candle
Code: HF033-SE1
Light Klein
Code: LC005-LL1
save 24%
Light Min
Code: LC006-LL 1
save 25%
Light Niro
Code: LC008-LL1
save 25%
Light Langella
Code: LC009-LL1
save 25%
Light Griffis
Code: LC026-LL1
save 20%
Lamp Hujar
Code: LT004-AB1
Lamp Waltar
Code: LT005-AB1