Gift Boxes


The Palazzo Collection is inspired by the beautiful spaces found in the Palazzi of Italy and in particular Venice. Jewel-like colours, rich textures and sculptural shapes create a poetic and modern sensibility in this versatile collection of furnishings designed to work in spaces large and small.


Sofa Ferrara
Code:: SOFA010-EZ1
Sofa Loffredo
Code:: SOFA012-CH1
Sofa Florence
Code:: SOFA020-EH1
Antonella Echo Bench
Code:: BN007-AA1
Chair Kaguri
Code:: OC040-AA1
Chair Vicentini
Code:: OC033-CH1
Chair Albergati Green
Code:: OC013-EZ1
Chair Albergati Turquoise
Code:: OC012-EZ1
Chair Bardi
Code:: OC015-EZ1
Chair Borghese
Code:: OC016-CH1
Chair Ducale
Code:: OC014-EZ1
Chair Margherita
Code:: OC011-EZ1
Clovelly Chair in Palazzo Red Velvet
Code:: OC031-AA1
Dining Chair Vecchio - Pair
Code:: DC005-EZ1
Dining Chair Fenzi Burgundy
Code:: DC002-LL1
Dining Chair Fenzi Ochre
Code:: DC003-LL1
Dining Chair Fenzi Rose Pink
Code:: DC004-LL1
Stool Corsini
Code:: ST001-LL1
Ottoman Sassari
Code:: OT008-CH1
Ottoman Litta
Code:: OT005-LL1
Pouf Berrigan in Green
Code:: PF004-LL1
Ottoman Gidleigh Plain Top
Code:: OT001-NK1
Ottoman Marino
Code:: OT004-EZ1
Dining Table Rosso
Code:: TD003-EZ1
Coffee Table Gambaro
Code:: TC004-EZ1
Side Table Clessidra
Code:: TS028-CH1
Side Table Siena
Code:: TS011-LL 1
Side Table Imperiale - Set of Two
Code:: TS003-LL1
Side Table Spinola
Code:: TS004-LL 1
Chandelier Massimi
Code:: CH006-EZ1
Chandelier Medici
Code:: CH004-EZ1
Chandelier Vedove
Code:: CH005-EZ 1
Light Tognetti
Code:: LC022-CH1
save 50%
Floor Lamp Modena
Code:: LF001-EZ1
Lamp Amphora
Code:: LT050-CH1
Lamp Como
Code:: LT008-CH 1
Lamp Farsetti
Code:: LT021-CH1
save 20%
Lamp Reale
Code:: LT009-CH1
Lamp Giorgio
Code:: LT018-CH1
save 20%
Cushion Citron
Code:: CU108-AA1
Cushion Cactus
Code:: CU109-AA1
Christian Lacroix Dame Nature Pretemps
Code:: CU095-DG1
Cushion Moreta with Marine Ruche
Code:: CU083-RO1
Cushion Moreta with Twilight Ruche
Code:: CU085-RO1