Gift Boxes


You don’t need to live by the coast to enjoy the beauty of our new Coastal Collection inspired by rugged coastlines, sandy shores and amazing atolls, our textured neutrals, paired with lagoon blues and greens alongside the fluorescent pops of colour found in coral reefs. Immerse yourself in this tactile and seductive collection of furniture, lighting and soft furnishings.


Sofa Paloma
Code: SOFA022-EZ1
Adira Echo Bench
Code: BN004-AA1
save 25%
Chair Paloma
Code: OC023-EZ1
Chair Donostia
Code: OC025-EZ1
Chair Trentino
Code: OC026-EZ1
Chair Varenna
Code: OC024-EZ1
Antique Chinese Elm Chair
Code: OC036-AA1
save 10%
Dining Chair Amaro
Code: DC007-EZ1
Dining Chair Amaro with Arms
Code: DC008-EZ1
Dining Chair Messenia
Code: DC010-EZ1
Dining Chair Tropea - Pair
Code: DC009-EZ1
Cabinet Alberobello
Code: FC008-DB1
Cabinet Makarska
Code: FC007-EZ1
Dining Table Marina
Code: TD008-EZ1
Dining Table Bella
Code: TD005-EZ1
Dining Table Saturnia
Code: TD006-EH1
Coffee Table Ocean - Set of Two
Code: TC010-Ll1
Coffee Table Sebastian
Code: TC007-CH1
Coffee Table Elba
Code: TC009-CH1
Side Table Elba
Code: TS027-CH1
Chandelier Famaro
Code: CH012-EZ1
Light Concha
Code: LC018-EZ1
Lamp Grau du Roi
Code: LT024-EZ1
Lamp Navagio
Code: LT022-CH1
Lamp Tresco
Code: LT023-CH1
Lamp Bali
Code: LT048-CH1
Floor Lamp Comporta
Code: LF007-EZ1
Poseidon Cushion
Code: CU122-PF1
save 20%
Floor Lamp Rochelle
Code: LF006-EZ1
Designers Guild Brera Lino Thyme & Pale Jade Cushion
Code: CU116-DG1
save 20%
Valetta Peacock Cushion
Code: CU117-DG1
save 20%
Adira Cushion
Code: CU057-AA1
save 25%
Lagoon Throw
Code: TH015-AA1
Adira Reversible Throw
Code: TH005-AA1
save 25%
Cove Baskets - Set of Three
Code: DB020-GI1
Basket Chalk Large
Code: DB018-CH 1
Basket Chalk Small
Code: DB019-CH1
Sea Fern Glazed Pot
Code: DP016-YA1
save 15%
Vase Heliconia - Ecuador
Code: DV019-FH1
Vase Heliconia - Puerto Rico
Code: DV018-FH1
Vase Heliconia – Costa Rica
Code: DV017-FH1
Sendai Mug
Code: BW011-CH1
Sendai Bowl
Code: BW012-CH1
Sendai Espresso Cup and Saucer
Code: BW016-CH1
Tray Isola
Code: DT014-CH1
Tray Georgia - Set of Two
Code: DT005-CH1
Coaster Alta - Set of Four
Code: CO001-CH1
Blue Lagoon Candle Holder
Code: DTL043-CH1