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The Flower Room

We are pleased to launch our faux botanicals offering with some fabulous plants, plus a choice of informal bunches of flowers and foliage. Lifelike and striking, these artisanal faux plants and flowers provide all year round beauty. No maintenance required, just a light dusting now and then! In The Flower Room you will also find pots and vases designed to make the most of your floral displays. Our artisanal faux botanicals are the ultimate carefree home accessory.


Orange Spray
Code: FP067-PA1
Lime Spray
Code: FP066-PA1
Flocked Green Leaf Bush Spray
Code: FP065-PA1
Angelica Stem
Code: FP053-PA1
Banksia Stem
Code: FP071-PA1
Protea Stem
Code: FP054-PA1
Protea Stem - Pink
Code: FP055-PA1
Protea Stem - Cream and Green
Code: FP075-PA1
Light Green Brown Protea Stem
Code: FP070-PA1
Wheat Grass Spray - Blush
Code: FP073-PA1
Wheat Grass Spray - Cream
Code: FP072-PA1
Monstera Leaves
Code: FP049-GI1
White Hortensia
Code: FP009-GI1
Blush Damson Hydrangea Stem
Code: FP063-PA1
Golden Brown Hydrangea Stem
Code: FP062-PA1
Red Hydrangea Stem
Code: FF016-AB1
Pink Bougainvillea Spray
Code: FP046-AB1
Flocked Faux Coral Burnt Orange
Code: FP031-AB1
Beaded Faux Coral Spray Large
Code: FP033-AB1
Russet Catkin Spray
Code: FP060-PA1
Fresh Green and Pink Ranunculus Stem
Code: FF032-AB1
Olive Tree Spray
Code: FF029-AB1
Soft Pink Rose Spray
Code: FF025-AB1
Peach Rose Stem
Code: FP069-PA1
White Peach Rose Stem
Code: FP068-PA1
Anthurium Stem
Code: FF015-AB1
Bird of Paradise Stem
Code: FF020-AB1
Calla Lily Stem
Code: FF017-AB1
Iris Spray in Yellow and Burgundy
Code: FF023-AB1
Large Dark Pink Ranunculus
Code: FP039-GI1
Large Variegated Pink Ranunculus
Code: FP038-GI1
The Dried Wheat Trio
Code: FF014-AB1
The Reed Grass Bunch
Code: FP012-AB1
Desert Rose
Code: FP001-GI1
Flocked Aloe
Code: FP002-GI1
Chinese Money Plant
Code: DP021-GI1
Small Olive Tree
Code: DP020-GI1
Dark Pink Orchid
Code: FP012-GI 1
Snake Plant
Code: FP005-GI1
Fabulous Fern Plant
Code: FP027-AB1
Black Bamboo Plant
Code: FP042-AB1
Green Bamboo Plant
Code: FP025-AB1
Medinilla Magnifica Plant
Code: FP028-AB1
Oriental Bamboo Plant
Code: FP026-AB1
Banana Palm Plant
Code: FP016-AB1
Eucalyptus Plant
Code: FP022-AB1
Kentia Palm Plant
Code: FP021-AB1
Onion Grass with Wheat Plant
Code: FP017-AB1