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The Flower Room

We are pleased to launch our faux botanicals offering with some fabulous plants, plus a choice of informal bunches of flowers and foliage. Lifelike and striking, these artisanal faux plants and flowers provide all year round beauty. No maintenance required, just a light dusting now and then! In The Flower Room you will also find pots and vases designed to make the most of your floral displays. Our artisanal faux botanicals are the ultimate carefree home accessory.


Aloe Plant
Code:: FP007-GI1
Desert Rose
Code:: FP001-GI1
Flocked Aloe
Code:: FP002-GI1
Baby Bamboo
Code:: FP003-GI1
White Orchid
Code:: FP004-GI1
Snake Plant
Code:: FP005-GI1
Dark Pink Geranium
Code:: FP006-GI1
The Pretty Trio Bunch
Code:: FF002-AA1
The Dark Lily and Fern Bunch
Code:: FF003-AA1
The Exotic Bunch
Code:: FF004-AA1
The Pink Peony Bunch
Code:: FF001-AA1
The Vibrant Bunch
Code:: FF005-AA1
The Vintage Vibe Bunch
Code:: FF006-AA1
Glazed Rustic Pot in Green
Code:: DP006-GI1
Glazed Rustic Pot in Charcoal
Code:: DP005-GI1
Vintage Lassi Cup
Code:: DC001-AT1
Vase Fenton Tall
Code:: DV030-GI1
Vase Fenton Large
Code:: DV028-GI1
Vase Fenton Small
Code:: DV006-GI 1
Pot Nador Large
Code:: DP002-GI1
Pot Nador Small
Code:: DP001-GI 1
Pot Lucca
Code:: DV007-GI1
Jar Verona
Code:: DV008-GI1
Jar Tantan
Code:: DV016-GI1
Planter Settat
Code:: DP003-GI 1
Vase Miro
Code:: DV029-GI1
Vase Serghini
Code:: DV025-GI1
Artichoke Eau de Nil
Code:: DO003-GI1
Vase Apsley
Code:: DV027-GI1
Vase Martil
Code:: DV015-GI1
Vase Heliconia - Ecuador
Code:: DV019-FH1
Vase Heliconia - Puerto Rico
Code:: DV018-FH1
Vase Heliconia – Costa Rica
Code:: DV017-FH1
Vase Malta
Code:: DV009-LL1
Vase Poli
Code:: DV011-GI1
Vase Elia Large
Code:: DV021-EZ1
Vase Elia Medium
Code:: DV022-EZ1
Vase Verdon
Code:: DV023-EZ1
Vase Coates Tall Ochre
Code:: DV003-LL 1
Vase Coates Ochre
Code:: DV001-LL1
Vase Coates Red
Code:: DV002-LL1
Vase Findon
Code:: DV004-EZ1
Vase Lavington
Code:: DV005-EZ1
Vase Trinci
Code:: DV010-EZ1
Vase Pinto Green
Code:: DV012-EZ1
Vase Pinto Purple
Code:: DV014-EZ1
Vase Pinto Yellow
Code:: DV013-EZ1