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Beautifully made and supremely comfortable seating, useful and attractive storage, side tables, coffee tables and dining tables. Our design studio have curated and designed key pieces for each of our current collections in order to bring you superb choice whether you are looking for the beauty of Coastal, the artfully thrown together charm of Heritage, the laid-back glamour of Riad, the sculptural elegance of Palazzo, the edgy urban vibe of Loft or creating your own unique style mix. We enjoy providing excellent customer service so please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements.

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Sofa Paloma
Code: SOFA022-EZ1
Antique Edwardian Sofa
Code: SOFA011-AT1
save 50%
Antique French Salon Sofa
Code: SOFA006-AT1
save 30%
Sofa Boughton
Code: SOFA003-AB1
Sofa Elstow
Code: SOFA007-EZ1
Sofa Chessington
Code: SOFA018-EZ1
Sofa Atlas with Chaise
Code: SOFA013-EZ1
Sofa Atlas
Code: SOFA014-EZ1
Sofa Almoravid
Code: SOFA017-EZ1
Sofa Ferrara
Code: SOFA010-EZ1
Sofa Loffredo
Code: SOFA012-AB1
Sofa Foscari
Code: SOFA016-EZ1
Sofa Florence
Code: SOFA020-EH1
Sofa Brooklyn
Code: SOFA008-AB1
Adira Echo Bench
Code: BN004-AA1
Olivia Echo Bench
Code: BN005-AA1
Layla Echo Bench
Code: BN006-AA1
Antonella Echo Bench
Code: BN007-AA1
Antonio Echo Bench
Code: BN008-AA1
Bench Seat Olive
Code: BN002-CE1
Antique Chinese Elm Chair
Code: OC036-AA1
Clovelly Chair Safari
Code: OC041-AA1
Chair Kaguri
Code: OC040-AA1
Clovelly Moody Blue
Code: OC038-AA1
Antique Jimma Chair
Code: OC039-CQ1
save 30%
Chair Vicentini
Code: OC033-AB1
Cowhide Rocket Chair
Code: OC028-AB1
Butterfly Chair
Code: OC029-AB1
Chair Donostia
Code: OC025-EZ1
Chair Paloma
Code: OC023-EZ1
Chair Trentino
Code: OC026-EZ1
Chair Varenna
Code: OC024-EZ1
Chair Costessey
Code: OC001-AB1
Clovelly Chair in Pardus Velvet
Code: OC030-AA1
Clovelly Chair in Nina Campbell
Code: OC021-NC1
Clovelly Chair in Palazzo Red Velvet
Code: OC031-AA1
Chair Hassan
Code: OC018-LL1
Chair Sahara
Code: OC017-EZ 1
Chair Albergati Green
Code: OC013-EZ1
Chair Albergati Turquoise
Code: OC012-EZ1
Chair Ferrara
Code: OC015-EZ1
Chair Borghese
Code: OC016-AB1
Chair Ducale
Code: OC014-EZ1
Chair Margherita
Code: OC011-EZ1
Chair and Stool Warhol
Code: OC009-AB1
Chair Brando
Code: OC010-AB1