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A well-chosen rug makes a room, here we offer you vibrant pops of colour or muted elegance. We enjoy providing excellent customer service so please get in touch if you have any questions.


Rug Holi Blue
Code: RG041-NB1
Rug Aura Blue
Code: RG037-NB1
Rug Cyclades Aqua
Code: RG032-NB1
Rug Edo Or
Code: RG031-NB1
Rug Patine Black
Code: RG033-NB1
Rug Patine Vel Or
Code: RG034-NB1
Rug Missenden
Code: RG001-AB1
Rug Haldon Ochre
Code: RG023-VN1
Rug Holi Celadon
Code: RG020-NB1
Rug Holi Brique
Code: RG019-NB1
Rug Marit Cognac
Code: RG022-VN11
Rug Marka Cognac
Code: RG021-VN 11
Rug Masuna
Code: RG028-VR 1
Rug Molina
Code: RG010-EH1
Geisha Prisme Rug by Christian Lacroix
Code: RG008-CL1
Rug Freyr Teal
Code: RG006-VNM12
Rug Freyr Verdigris
Code: RG005-VNM
Rug Marka Teal
Code: RG004-VNM
Rug Sudare Indigo
Code: RG007-VNM
Rug Sudare Jewel
Code: RG003-VNM
Rug Bauhaus
Code: RG018-NB1
Cowhide Jersey Medium
Code: RG011-HA1
Cowhide Zebra Print
Code: RG012-HA1
Cowhide Elmira
Code: RG015-HA1
Cowhide Hempstead
Code: RG014-HA1
Cowhide Leopard Print
Code: RG017-HA1