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Coffee, dining or side tables, singles or pairs, the Artisan Abode collection gives you design gravitas.


Dining Table Marina
Code:: TD008-EZ1
Dining Table Bella
Code:: TD005-EZ1
Dining Table Saturnia
Code:: TD006-EH1
Dining Table Manet
Code:: TD007-CE1
Dining Table Hallfield
Code:: TD001-CH 1
Dining Table Tangier
Code:: TD004-LL1
Dining Table Rosso
Code:: TD003-EZ1
Dining Table Pacino
Code:: TD002-EZ1
Coffee Table Elba
Code:: TC009-CH1
Coffee Table Bishop
Code:: TC002-CH1
Coffee Table Rycote
Code:: TC001-CH1
Coffee Table Bahir
Code:: TC005-EZ 1
Coffee Table Jadida
Code:: TC006-LL 1
Coffee Table Gambaro
Code:: TC004-EZ1
Coffee Table Ruffalo
Code:: TC003-LL1
Hugo Floor Lamp with Side Table
Code:: LF008-CE1
Side Table Hartford
Code:: TS020-CE1
Side Tables Muralla – Set of Two
Code:: TS022-CE1
Side Tables Souk – Set of Two
Code:: TS023-CE1
Side Tables Manarola – Set of Two
Code:: TS017-CE1
Side Table Elba
Code:: TS027-CH1
Side Table Sunset
Code:: TS016-CH1
Side Table Senatorio
Code:: TS013-LL1
Side Table Rycote
Code:: TS001-CH1
Side Table Drarga - Set of Two
Code:: TS010-LL 1
Antique Indian Hexagonal Side Table
Code:: TS009-AT1
Antique Indian Octagonal Side Table
Code:: TS008-AT1
Antique Syrian Two Tier Side Table
Code:: TS007-AT1
Side Table Casa
Code:: TS006-LL1
Magazine Side Table Leo
Code:: TB002-CH1
Side Table Imperiale - Set of Two
Code:: TS003-LL1
Side Table Siena
Code:: TS011-LL 1
Side Table Spinola
Code:: TS004-LL 1
Magazine Side Table Albany
Code:: TB001-CH1
Trolley Oakmere
Code:: TR004-EH 1
Trolley Baraka
Code:: TR003-EH1
Trolley Messina
Code:: TR001-CH1
Trolley Jackson
Code:: TR002-CH 1