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Coffee, dining or side tables, singles or pairs, the Artisan Abode collection gives you design gravitas. We enjoy providing excellent customer service so please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements.


Emerald Bar
Code: BA001-EZ1
Dining Table Marina
Code: TD008-EZ1
Dining Table Bella
Code: TD005-EZ1
Dining Table Saturnia
Code: TD006-EH1
Dining Table Manet
Code: TD007-CE1
Dining Table Hallfield
Code: TD001-CH 1
Dining Table Tangier
Code: TD004-LL1
Dining Table Rosso
Code: TD003-EZ1
Dining Table Pacino
Code: TD002-EZ1
Coffee Table Elba
Code: TC009-CH1
Coffee Table Sebastian
Code: TC007-CH1
Coffee Table Bishop
Code: TC002-CH1
Coffee Table Rycote
Code: TC001-CH1
Coffee Table Bahir
Code: TC005-EZ 1
Coffee Table Jadida
Code: TC006-LL 1
Coffee Table Gambaro
Code: TC004-EZ1
Coffee Table Ruffalo
Code: TC003-LL1
Coffee Table Ocean - Set of Two
Code: TC010-Ll1
Console Curva - Set of Two
Code: TC011-LL1
Column Table Liscia
Code: TC012-LL1
Side Table Liscia
Code: TS036-LL1
Side Table Cavalli - Set of Two
Code: TS040-LL1
Side Table Joya - Set of Two
Code: TS035-LL1
Side Table Barbarigo
Code: TS025-CH1
Side Table Chester Tall
Code: TS032-LL1
Side Table Chester Mid
Code: TS034-LL1
Side Table Chester Low
Code: TS033-LL1
Side Table Clessidra
Code: TS028-CH1
Side Table Massa
Code: TS029-CH1
Side Table Cornaro
Code: TS039-LL1
Side Table Aksil
Code: TS038-LL1
Side Table Zellige
Code: TS024 CH1
Side Table Fenn - Large
Code: TS030-LL1
Side Table Hartford
Code: TS020-CE1
Side Tables Muralla – Set of Two
Code: TS022-CE1
Side Table Elba
Code: TS027-CH1
Side Table Rycote
Code: TS001-CH1
Venezia Lamp Table
Code: TS037-CH1
Antique Indian Hexagonal Side Table
Code: TS009-AT1
Antique Syrian Two Tier Side Table
Code: TS007-AT1
Magazine Side Table Leo
Code: TB002-CH1
Side Table Imperiale - Set of Two
Code: TS003-LL1
Side Table Spinola
Code: TS004-LL 1
Magazine Side Table Albany
Code: TB001-CH1
Trolley Oakmere
Code: TR004-EH 1
Trolley Baraka
Code: TR003-EH1
Trolley Jackson
Code: TR002-CH 1