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Cushions & Throws

Cushions and throws for pops of colour and cosying up. We enjoy providing excellent customer service so please get in touch if you have any questions.

“The throw arrived today and it‘s absolutely stunning. The cushions are very lovely, too. I might get them as a Christmas present to myself. Thanks for the great service!” – LM Luxembourg

“Hi Robert! I just received my Lacroix pillow. Thank you so much! I LOVE it!!” – NB Texas USA


Faux Fur Throw Tibetan Nights
Code: TH001-NB1
Faux Fur Throw Mongolian Nights
Code: TH002-NB1
Faux Fur Throw Andes Nights
Code: TH004-NB1
Desert Nights Faux Fur Throw
Code: TH028-PA1
Arklet Loganberry Throw
Code: TH021-DG1
Antonio Reversible Throw
Code: TH009-AA1
Antonella Reversible Throw
Code: TH008-AA1
Layla Reversible Throw
Code: TH007-AA1
Olivia Reversible Throw
Code: TH006-AA1
Adira Reversible Throw
Code: TH005-AA1
Designers Guild Prosepine Magenta Throw
Code: TH030-DG1
Pahari Rosewood Throw
Code: TH022-DG1
Paisley Jacquard Throw in Mulberry
Code: TH012-KC1
Paisley Jacquard Throw in Ochre
Code: TH011-KC2
Qajar Reversible Wool Throw
Code: TH014-AB1
Pahlavi Reversible Wool Throw
Code: TH013-AB1
Throw Cactus
Code: TH018-AA1
Throw Citron
Code: TH017-AA1
Derb Throw Burnt Terracotta
Code: TH020-AA1
Derb Throw Pink
Code: TH019-AA1
Robartes Throw
Code: TH016-AA1
Lagoon Throw
Code: TH015-AA1
Forest Cashmere Throw
Code: TH032-AA1
Throw Tazzarine
Code: TH023-AB1
Cubist Kuba Wall Hanging
Code: WH001-PF1
Cushion Turin with Marine Ruche
Code: CU084-RO 1
Cushion Scienze with Marine Ruche
Code: CU082-RO1
Cushion Moreta with Twilight Ruche
Code: CU085-RO1
Cushion Moreta with Marine Ruche
Code: CU083-RO1
Cushion Bloom
Code: CU081-DG1
Cushion Nubian
Code: CU004-AB1
French Salon Cushion
Code: CU007-NC1
Cushion Matmi
Code: CU019-CI1
Cushion Kasuri
Code: CU020-CI1
Cushion Java
Code: CU018-CI1
Cushion Oshima
Code: CU029-CI1
Cushion Kikuo
Code: CU027-CI1
Cushion Nadu
Code: CU091-CI1
Cushion Peacock Garden 40 x 40
Code: CU039-LA1
Cushion Tiger Monkey 40 x 65
Code: CU050-LA1
Cushion Flower Leopard 40 x 40
Code: CU035-LA1
Cushion Sweet Dreams 60 x 60
Code: CU041-LA1
Antonio Multi Cushion
Code: CU065-AA1