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Our design team are constantly developing and sourcing new products to bring you an edit of homewares not commonly found on the high street. Take advantage of our amazing little black book of brands, makers, artists and craftspeople honed over decades in design. Here is some of the latest treasure.


Wheat Grass Spray - Blush
Code: FP073-PA1
Wheat Grass Spray - Cream
Code: FP072-PA1
Monstera Leaves
Code: FP049-GI1
Sendai Espresso Cup and Saucer
Code: BW016-AB1
Angelica Stem
Code: FP053-PA1
Protea Stem
Code: FP054-PA1
Tealight Peridot - Small
Code: DTL038-LL1
Sendai Bowl
Code: BW012-AB1
Queen Anne's Lace
Code: FP045-AB1
Olive Tree Spray
Code: FF029-AB1
St Eval Bergamot & Nettle Tealights
Code: HF028-SE1
St Eval Grapefruit & Lime Tealights
Code: HF031-SE1
St Eval Orange & Cinnamon Tealights
Code: HF030-SE1
St Eval Tranquillity Tealights
Code: HF029-SE1
Sendai Mug
Code: BW011-AB1
Flocked Green Leaf Bush Spray
Code: FP065-PA1
Lemon Spray
Code: FP056-PA1
Tealight Opal
Code: DTL039-LL1
Tealight Peridot - Large
Code: DTL037-LL1
Frozen Eucalyptus Spray
Code: FP047-AB1
Golden Brown Hydrangea Stem
Code: FP062-PA1
Burros Tail Spray
Code: FP061-PA1
Peach Rose Stem
Code: FP069-PA1
White Peach Rose Stem
Code: FP068-PA1
St Eval Amber Scented Pillar Candle
Code: HF034-SE1
St Eval Moss Scented Pillar Candle
Code: HF033-SE1
Ethereal Pink Potted Orchid - Small
Code: FP058-PA1
Damson Artichoke Stem
Code: FP064-PA1
Lime Spray
Code: FP066-PA1
Orange Spray
Code: FP067-PA1
Light Green Brown Protea Stem
Code: FP070-PA1
Banksia Stem
Code: FP071-PA1
Protea Stem - Cream and Green
Code: FP075-PA1
Protea Stem - Pink
Code: FP055-PA1
Pink and Green Hydrangea
Code: FP044-AB1
Blush Damson Hydrangea Stem
Code: FP063-PA1
Pink Bougainvillea Spray
Code: FP046-AB1
Dish Loredon
Code: DTT013-LL1
Gara Tealight Holder
Code: DTL044-AB1
Pistachio Hydrangea
Code: FP043-AB1
Pretty in Pink Potted Orchid
Code: FP051-PA1
Zoami Candle Holder
Code: DTL045-AB1
Russet Catkin Spray
Code: FP060-PA1
Dish Kahina Small
Code: DTT011-LL1
Flatiron Hanging Bud Vase - Small
Code: FC004-PA1
Lamp Leggero
Code: LT055-LL1